S Box Sukhumvit Hotel management has combined experience of several decades in the hotel industry. It is the reason why we bring our customers the best-possible hospitality environment and experiences they can imagine. We are part of the coveted S Group Hotel Thailand that has maintained a brand identity for value-based hospitality for decades.

It is our drive to deliver our shared values to our customers that we identified all the most important areas where we make a difference. It is this passion and pursuit for excellence that enables us to work efficiently, as a team and as individuals.


Our Specialities:

At S Box Sukhumvit Hotel, we are fully committed to conduct business in compliance with our national and international laws for the hospitality industry. All our operations are in consistence with the highest ethics and values, and are driven by the dedication and passion to bring the most gratifying experiences to our customers. For us, there is nothing more valuable than the smile and positive review of our guests.

All our employees are experienced, trained and certified professionals delivering the most-satisfying hospitality culture to our guests. All our team members speak fluent English, are well educated, highly dedicated towards customers, and are trained in industry-standard procedures. All of them are hospitality professionals having completed industry-recognised educational courses and having completed years of training.

We have a professional feedback system that helps us keep learning about our guest experiences so that we can always deliver something better. If you are in Thailand, you should give a visit to the S Box Sukhumvit Hotel. You will never want to choose any other hotel!